About us

Keronal Trading Company! Your gateway to new markets!


Keronal Trading Company offers its clients promoting the sale of their high-quality products at competitive prices in the global marketplace. We represent clients exporting products from around the world into the European Union as well as importing products from the EU. Keronal Trading Company has headquarters in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Our trading company provides regular intermediary in executing contracts with clients for the benefit of our clients being the principal, as well as execute contracts on our clients’ behalf.


Wide range of products

Keronal Trading Company offers agency services regarding inter alia such products as: crude oil, gas, coke and refined petroleum products, coal and lignite, other mining and quarrying products, basic metals, metal ores, other non-metallic mineral products, fabricated metal products, chemicals and chemical products, rubber and plastics products, leather, textiles, paper and paper products, food products, products of agriculture and hunting etc.



Keronal Trading Company offers professional agency services in order to enable its clients achieving competitive advantage. If there is a need we negotiate sale and supply contracts in the name of our mandates in order to secure their interests optimally. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with buyers of our clients’ products.


Individual client approach

Keronal Trading Company offers individual client approach. We act loyally towards our clients and communicate any information that is significant to them. Our Trading Company comply with instructions of our clients and within the scope of the affairs managed we take any action needed to protect our clients’ rights. We believe that the outcome of our  work is directly linked to the success of our clients.

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